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COOKBOOK RECIPES Diana Henry: Pink Grapefruit and Basil Ice Cream from How to Eat a Peach

Diana Henry: Pink Grapefruit and Basil Ice Cream

Telegraph food writer and James Beard award-winning cookbook author Diana Henry has published her new cookbook How to Eat a Peach celebrating menus, stories and places. ‘This is possibly the best ice cream I’ve ever made. I’d been doing a good lemon and basil ice for years… then it struck me that the bitterness of grapefruit might be good with the almost cloying sweetness of basil. I was right.’

COOKBOOK RECIPES Lemon Drizzle Cake with Irish Summer Berries recipe

Donegal Table: Lemon Drizzle Cake with Irish Summer Berries

Who doesn’t love lemon drizzle cake? This is chef Brian McDermott’s recipe from his book ‘Donegal Table’ published by The O’Brien Press. ‘It’s actually easier than you might think to create this wonderful treat’, he says. Use the best Irish strawberries, raspberries and redcurrants and taste a little Donegal summer!

BREAKFAST Buttermilk Pancakes

Buttermilk Pancakes

These are the smaller thick fluffy pancake you find in American diners. You can make them sweet or savoury: if you add sugar serve them with crispy bacon and maple syrup. If you make them savoury and omit the sugar, top them with wilted spinach and hollandaise sauce or smoked salmon, sour cream and dill.

COOKBOOK RECIPES Toasted Coconut and Lime Cake

Toasted Coconut and Lime Cake

From Rory O’Connell’s book ‘Cook Well, Eat Well’ published by Gill Books. ‘This is suitable for almost any occasion where a rich, delicious cake is required’, says Rory. ‘The flavours are a bull’s eye combination. I sometimes serve this cake with fresh raspberries, which is another flavour that works beautifully here

DESSERTS Neven Maguire: Auntie Maureen’s Plum Pudding

Neven Maguire: Auntie Maureen’s Plum Pudding

‘In my opinion, no one makes Christmas pudding as good as my Auntie Maureen’, says Neven Maguire who shares his aunt’s recipe here and in his new Christmas cookbook ‘Neven Maguire’s Perfect Irish Christmas’.  ‘Its flavour only improves as time goes on, so it’s best to make it a month before you plan to eat it. Serve warm or cold with lashings of custard or whipped cream with and brandy butter.’

DESSERTS How to Bake Quince

How to Bake Quince

Quince are a hard fruit and need a lot of cooking before they become tender. You can keep the skin on so there is very little work to them.


America: Whoopie Pies

‘This cake-like chocolate sandwich cookie started showing up in bakeries and lunchboxes in the 1920s,’ says Gabrielle Langholtz in her new book America, ‘and both Maine and Pennsylvania claim it as their own. It gets its name from the reception it gets when it is served. A whoopie pie can be as big as a hamburger. Serve with a glass of cold milk.’

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