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DESSERTS Boozy Cherries

Boozy Cherries

Cherries were once a rare treat but now they have become more affordable when they are in season. Buy a few punnets at a time and make our boozy cherries to eat for dessert with Greek yogurt or serve them as part of a cheese board with a runny piece of Brie de Meaux which is in season at the same time. Our boozy cherries last for 2 weeks if you store them in a sealed container in the fridge.

DESSERTS Caramel and Chocolate Sauce

A Rich Velvety Caramel and Chocolate Sauce

Is this the most delicious sauce in the world to pour over icecream? It’s up there with the best. Make it in advance and store it in a kilner jar or empty Bonne Maman jar in the fridge ready to cheer you up when you need a sugar hit. Spread it on sourdough toast, drizzle it over warm buttermilk pancakes or waffles, spoon it over thick Greek yogurt or sour cream or layer it between a Victoria sponge with fresh cream or buttercream. You could just eat it by the spoonful from the jar and lick the spoon clean.

COOKBOOK RECIPES Chocolate Caramel Crème Brûlée

Room for Dessert: Chocolate Caramel Crème Brûlée

From patisserie chef Will Goldfarb’s book ‘Room for Dessert’ published by Phaidon. An alumni of elBulli, the book has a foreword by Albert Adrià. ‘Will is a very special guy’, he writes, ‘one of those people that’s really needed in our world; passionate about his work and indeed, about everything that surrounds him.’ In his book ‘you will see the creation of concepts, myriad ways of understanding pastry and of course a lot of technique’.

COOKBOOK RECIPES Room for Dessert: Bocadillo Helado – Ice Cream Sandwiches

Room for Dessert: Bocadillo Helado – Ice Cream Sandwiches

From patisserie chef Will Goldfarb’s book ‘Room for Dessert’ published by Phaidon. If you are not an ambitious dessert-maker, why not just make one or two of the elements from the dessert below and buy ready-made ice cream. Sandwiching a good shop-bought vanilla gelato between two of Will’s sablé bretons, topping it with pan-fried Epoisses and sprinkling it with sea salt will make your world a better place.


Room for Dessert: Burrata Pizza with White Chocolate Chantilly Cream

With a foreword by the former pastry chef of El Bulli Albert Adrià, you know that Will Goldfarb, author of ‘Room for Dessert’ published by Phaidon, has to be something special. You may even recognise his name from the Netflix series ‘Chef’s Table’. This book takes you inside the original mind and creative process of a patisserie chef who is extraordinary. This recipe – a burrata pizza with Chantilly Cream – looks complex but it only has two moving parts! Will calls it ‘Who Can Resist my Top Gun?’.

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