How to Boil an Egg

How to Cook | How to Cook Boiled Eggs

You don’t have to boil the life out of an egg – with this method you bring the egg to the boil in a saucepan using cold water, then leave it for the desired length of time to continue cooking off the heat until you get the egg you like. Here’s a timetable for all sizes of eggs to achieve a soft-boiled, medium-boiled or hard-boiled egg.

Shakshuka Recipe


A middle-eastern favourite. Eat it for breakfast or a light lunch. Offer lots of flatbreads or pita bread to mop up the yolk and the sauce.

Barbecue and Molasses Flavoured Beans recipe

Barbecue and Molasses Flavoured Beans

A favourite from the American South. Serve them with baked or barbecued ribs, with an egg and a rasher at breakfast or on top of a baked potato for a vegetarian breakfast or lunch. Leftover beans can be served on toast with sour cream and a drizzle of maple syrup. They taste even better the next day.

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What is gruyere and how is it made

Where is Gruyère Cheese Made and How is it Made?

Gruyère is a semi-hard to hard pressed cooked Alpine cheese made from cow’s milk, named after the Swiss Village of Gruyères (see our image above). The original cheese is made in Switzerland (though versions are made in parts of Germany, France and the US). An ancient cheese, early records show that it was made in 1115. It can be eaten on its own or used in cooking where it melts beautifully.

Should you remove the green germ in a bulb of garlic?

Should You Remove the Green Germ in the Middle of A Bulb of Garlic?

Garlic that is ‘old’ – that’s the garlic you find in supermarkets where garlic is sold as a year-round crop – often has a green germ or sprout in the middle. Some people find it bitter and claim it affects their digestion. So should you remove it or leave it in?