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The Get-Ahead Cook, published by Apicius, is a collection of 100 achievable recipes made from easy-to-find ingredients. Written by acclaimed cook Jane Lovett, she gives clear instructions and uses readily available ingredients to show you how to make food that you and your family and friends will really want to eat. (And you won't need fashionable ingredients or to be part of a foodie tribe to cook from it). 'Everyday cooking for loved ones or friends should be a happy experience', she says. 'Food made and served with love, not to mention style and a smile'. Most of the recipes offer tips to make parts of the dish ahead of time. 

From making a quick meal mid-week to creating something a little more special at the weekend, you'll find tested recipes that work, delicious meals that everyone at the table will enjoy and an artillery of tips, shortcuts and ideas to make preparation effortless. You can buy the book at Jane's website and at Amazon (see links at the end of the recipes below).

3 recipes from The Get-Ahead Cook
Chorizo Hash – a way to use spicy chorizo and potatoes to make an easy breakfast or lunch dish
Slow-braised Beef Short Ribs – start these a day ahead and you'll have meltingly tender juicy ribs to serve with buttery mash the next day.
Peach, Raspberry and Almond Galette with Crushed Amaretti  – one of our favourites from the book, a loose pastry tart that looks gorgeous and that anyone can make at any level of cooking skill.

How to Cook | How to Bake Plums

How to Cook | How to Bake Plums

Baking fruit helps to keep its shape. Pop the plums in the oven at the end of cooking a roast and dessert will be ready by the time you finish the main course. Serve the plums warm or cold with ice-cream, Greek yogurt or sour cream. Add a sprinkling of crushed nuts and a drizzle of maple syrup for an extra treat. Plus variations on the recipe for vanilla plums, cardamom plums and more.

How to Cook | How to Cook an Ox Tongue

You rarely see tongue in butcher’s shops now yet any Irish childhood would be bereft without it.Ox tongue has a buttery texture and a deep savoury flavour. A whole ox tongue from a butcher weighs about 1kg and costs 7-8 euro according to James Kenny of the The Brown Pig Butchers in Terenure in Dublin who can see signs that it’s coming back into fashion again as people look for meaty cuts that are economical and low in fat.