How to choose wine glasses

The wine glass really does make a difference to your wine-tasting experience. If you enjoy wine regularly, it’s worth investing in specialist red and wine glasses.

The Italian Storecupboard

You will be surprised at how short a list of ingredients you need to cook authentic Italian food, all of which are available at your local convenience store. Italian cooking depends on using very few ingredients so please use the best quality ingredients that you can find.

Helen’s Decadent Dingle Whiskey Chocolate Torte from 'Dingle Dinners'

Helen’s Decadent Dingle Whiskey Chocolate Torte

Helen and Brian Heaton own and run Castlewood House and feature in Trevis L. Gleason’s lovely book ‘Dingle Dinners’ published by The Collins Press. This is their recipe that features in the book which is a celebration of home cooking from the chefs of Ireland’s Number 1 Foodie Town.