Decorate Homemade Pate

Homemade Pate Decorated with Bay Leave and Cranberry

Add a professional finish to paté by decorating it with fruit and aromatics.

Use fresh bay leaves, peppercorns or even slices of lemon or orange to decorate the top of your homemade paté.

To set them in position, you will need to glaze the top of the paté with a jelly made from gelatine. Make up the glaze using powdered or leaf gelatine (follow the pack instructions – each type of gelatine uses different quantities of liquid), and add a little dry sherry to make up the liquid.

When the jelly has cooled but is not stiff, spoon it over the paté, then dip the bay leaves, peppercorns or fruit slices in the gelatine and place on top of the paté. Spoon another gelatine layer over the paté to give it a smooth sheen. Leave to cool.