A handy Cooking Conversion Chart so you can convert oven temperatures from Celcius to Fahrenheit to gas. Includes Fan Oven Temperatures.

Oven Temperature Conversion Table

The fan oven conversion temperatures below re 20C lower than the conventional oven temperatures – if your oven manual says to lower the temperature by only 10C follow their instructions as ovens may vary.

Fan = Fan Oven | C = Celsius | F = Fahrenheit | Gas = Gas Oven

120C Fan – 140C – 275F – Gas 1

130C Fan – 150C – 300F – Gas 2

150C Fan – 170C – 325F – Gas 3

160C Fan – 180C – 350F – Gas 4

170C Fan – 190C – 375F – Gas 5

180C Fan – 200C – 400F – Gas 6

200C Fan – 220C – 425F – Gas 7

210C Fan – 230C – 450F – Gas 8

220C Fan – 240C – 475F – Gas 9

How to check the temperature of your oven
Buy an oven thermometer that you can leave hanging on a shelf in your oven. Some ovens can be cooler or hotter depending on how long you have had them, and whether the seal on the oven door is working perfectly. There are ways to test the oven temperature without an oven thermometer (heat sugar to see how long it takes to melt or using a sugar thermometer to test how long it takes a cup of water to boil) but it’s easier to go on Amazon and get one sent to you or to pop down to your local hardware shop where you should find a cheap one hanging on a rack.

If the seal has come loose you can replace it easily. There are shops online who will sell you the spare part and if you look up your oven manual (if you have lost it look for it online) they will often tell you how to install it. As a last resort, ask an electrician though they will charge a standard call-out fee.

Observe your oven when you bake a cake or a tray of biscuits or muffins. Do you have to turn the baking tin halfway through to make sure that one side of the cake rises to match the other side? That’s a sure sign that your oven has a cool spot.

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