Thermomix Recipe | How to Cook Rice Perfectly in a Thermomix

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A Thermomix cooks the fluffiest rice. The best thing is that you can let it work away while you’re doing something else.
Thermomix Method for Cooking Rice

Rinse the rice in cold water, using the Thermomix basket as a colander. This removes the starch and helps the rice to fluff up.
Place the rice in the Thermomix basket, put the lid on and insert the measuring cup. Place 900ml water in the Thermomix bowl.
Cook at Varoma at Speed 4 for 18 minutes. Let the rice steam in the basket covered with paper towel for a few minutes once it’s cooked.
If you don’t have a thermomix here’s how to cook rice the traditional way on the top of the cooker – How to cook rice.

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