Thermomix Recipe | How to Cook Apple Butter in a Thermomix

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Apple Butter is made by cooking peeled apples for a long time. If you use sweet eating apples you don’t have to add sugar. The Thermomix is ideal for cooking apple butter because you can leave it alone and don’t need to stir it or stop it from sticking. Leave it to do its thing and enjoy the free time!

To Make Apple Butter in a Thermomix

Place 6 peeled, cored and roughly chopped apples into the Thermomix bowl with 150ml of cold water.

METHOD | Cook at speed 2 / 20 minutes / 100°. Blitz at speed 5 until smooth.
Then cook at speed 1 / 30 minutes / 100 degrees.

To make apple butter on the cooker top see our recipe here. Omit the cinnamon if you wish.

This recipe has been triple-tested in the gréatfood test kitchen.


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