SIDE DISHES Roast Shallots

Serve roast shallots with any roast meat dish or just eat them on their own with buttery mashed potatoes. Chop any leftover roast shallots finely and stir them into sour cream for a quick dip. We usually keep a jar in the fridge and use the shallot oil in dressings, adding the soft shallot pulp to vegetable mash, salads, couscous and stews.

SIDE DISHES Carrots Glazed with Honey and Lemon

Carrots go so well with honey and citrus flavours. If you vary the type of honey you use, you can change this dish each time you make it. Switch the lemon for lime juice and zest and add a teaspoon of toasted cumin, especially if you are serving the carrots as part of a middle-eastern dinner. They are good served at room temperature too.