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THE BUTCHER & THE COOK How to buy and cook Cote du Bouef

The Butcher & The Cook: How to Buy and Cook a Côte de Boeuf

Côte de Boeuf is a prized cut, a thick bone-in rib eye steak – it can be cooked in a frying pan or in the oven. A one-bone côte de boeuf will serve two people with leftovers and can be cooked in a pan whereas a two-bone côte de boeuf that serves four people should be cooked in the oven (it is too large to fit in a frying pan).


The Butcher & The Cook: Fiorentina Steak with Rosemary Dressing

Part of our series The Butcher and The Cook where butcher James Kenny of the Brown Pig and Anne Kennedy, Food Editor of gréatfood, show you how to source, buy and cook popular and more adventurous cuts of meat. This recipe shows how a simple cooking technique married to a quality ingredient can make a home-cooked meal as good, if not better, than a restaurant.