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DESSERTS How to Cook | How to Bake Plums

How to Cook | How to Bake Plums

Baking fruit helps to keep its shape. Pop the plums in the oven at the end of cooking a roast and dessert will be ready by the time you finish the main course. Serve the plums warm or cold with ice-cream, Greek yogurt or sour cream. Add a sprinkling of crushed nuts and a drizzle of maple syrup for an extra treat. Plus variations on the recipe for vanilla plums, cardamom plums and more.

MAIN COURSES Noodles with Ginger and Spring Onion Oil

Noodles with Ginger and Spring Onion Oil

When you buy a bunch of spring onions, cut off the green parts, rinse and blitz them with rapeseed or peanut oil and a chunk of ginger and you have a sauce to make this quick noodle dish. that you can have on the able in under 10 minutes. We often add cooked lamb, using the roast crispy nubble that is attached to the top of the bone. Slice it finely and add it to the cooked noodles and toss. Vegan recipe.

APPETISERS Garlic Chicken Wings with Garlic, Chilli and Garlic Dip Recipes

Garlic Chicken Wings with Yogurt, Chilli and Garlic Dip

When you order a dozen chicken wings in a restaurant you often get 6 chicken wings that have been cut in half to make twelve. When you buy them at the butcher or supermarket you’ll get the whole chicken wing so they will be meatier and easier to eat. The supermarkets usually sell them in kilo packs so if that’s too much, follow our example: cook the lot, cool the leftovers and eat them cold or reheat them the next day for breakfast.

SIDE DISHES Celeriac Mash

Celeriac Mash

Celeriac or celery root is not actually the root of the stalks of celery we buy. It is grown especially…



A middle-eastern favourite. Eat it for breakfast or a light lunch. Offer lots of flatbreads or pita bread to mop up the yolk and the sauce.

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