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DESSERTS Baked Plums

Baking plums makes them tender and sweet. Here we bake them with orange, honey and cardamom but you could easily substitute the zest and juice of 1 lemon or 2 limes for the orange juice and use either chopped ginger or a spoon of vanilla extract or orange flower water for the cardamoms.

DESSERTS Crumble Pastry

Use this crumble to top any sweet or savoury pie or tart. It is easy to make, very forgiving and delicious.


This recipe for lime curd comes from the British Women’s Institute if our memory is correct – we can’t give it higher praise.

FOOD FEATURES Resistant Starch

We used to throw away cooked pasta if we cooked too much. Now we turn it into another dish foregoing the belief that only freshly cooked pasta makes a good meal. Cooked pasta which is left to cool, popped in the fridge and eaten the next day is a good source of resistant starch which helps to make your gut healthy. You can also play a delicious part in reducing food waste!

DESSERTS Orange and Vanilla Cake with Maple Syrup

This is similar to Claudia Roden’s much-copied and much revered Orange and Almond Cake. A whole orange is used to give flavour and moisture to the cake but you don’t have to boil the fruit for 2 hours as you do in the original recipe once you have a food processor – the orange is blitzed quickly as part of the batter-making process.

SIDE DISHES Dutch Fried Tomatoes

These are delicious and fattening and addictive particularly if you have a sweet tooth. They are quite rich so you only need half a large tomato per person. They are definitely a talking point. We found a version of the recipe over 20 years ago in an old cookbook and we have been cooking them in some shape or form ever since. Eat with good bread to soak up the juices or as part of a vegetarian meal.

BREAKFAST Waffle recipe

You’ll need a waffle iron or an electric waffle maker to make proper waffles but if you don’t have one, you can still make pancakes from the same batter.

DESSERTS Tergoule – Normandy Rice Pudding

Tergoule is a rice pudding baked in a low slow oven for hours until the top becomes golden and caramelised. It can be served warm or cold, and when it cools it firms up so you can cut it into slices like a tart. Serve it with vanilla ice cream.

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