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Heirloom tomatoes – tomatoes grown from heritage varieties of seed – are becoming easier to find – you’ll find them at Fallon and Byrne in Dublin and at specialist vegetable shops around the country. They look stunning on a tart, especially if you mix the colours. Use ordinary tomatoes if you can’t find them.


An authentic Pad Thai recipe depends on the holy trinity of chillies, basil and fish sauce. This recipe uses beef but it is easy to adapt to make Chicken Pad Thai and Prawn Pad Thai

BAKING Diana Henry: Apricot and almond upside-down cake recipe

‘This is one of my favourite cakes,’ says Telegraph food writer Diana Henry. ‘It has a good balance of sweet and tart that really makes the best of apricots, especially those that are lacking in flavour or are underripe’. From her book Food from Plenty published by Mitchell Beazley.

BAKING Millionaires shortbread

Called Millionaire’s Shortbread because it is so rich, this chocolate caramel shortbread is a bestseller in every café you visit. It comes with a warning: when you make it at home, you’ll eat the lot and be sorry. We’ve also given you instructions to adapt the master recipe to make Ginger and Chocolate Shortbread.


Madeira is a comforting cake – traditionally eaten with a glass of Madeira, in Ireland it is now more often taken with tea. The crack in the middle of the cake is not a flaw – it’s proof that you have made an excellent cake.

DRINKS Strawberry Blueberry smoothie recipe

Make up a jug of this berry smoothie, pour it into clean jam jars, screw on the lid and keep them in the fridge for breakfast. They will keep for 3-4 days if you use freshly opened yogurt or kefir. You can also serve it as a healthy dessert – in that case don’t add the milk and garnish with fresh mint leaves.

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