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DESSERTS Coconut Madeira Cake

A simple tea-time cake which also freezes well. Serves 8 You’ll need an 8-inch loaf tin. Ingredients 175g unsalted butter,…

BREAKFAST French Toast with Berry Compote and Sour Cream

Breakfast or dessert or a midday treat? You choose. We can eat french toast any time of the day. You can find brioche in the supermarket now – it’s not the real thing but it is an airy and light bread that makes good French toast. Serve it with a fruit compote, dust with icing sugar and a spoon of sour cream and you are ready to go. It takes minutes to make.

FOOD FEATURES Roast Garlic with Balsamic Oil

We ate brunch at the Two Pups café in Francis Street in Dublin and had what they called ‘black garlic’ with a poached egg salad. We asked them how to make it so this is an approximation of the chef’s recipe (to whom we owe a debt of thanks). Squeeze the bulbs and eat it on bread, add it to salad dressings and use to garnish and roast meat or vegetable and to accompany poached eggs on toasted sourdough bread with rocket leaves.


Fattoush, a middle-eastern bread salad is endlessly open to experimentation. Even in the middle-east people disagree on what to include. Add in torn lettuce leaves, omit cucumber if you don’t have any, use any toasted torn bread if that’s what you have or even wholewheat pita breads.

BREAKFAST Waffle recipe

You’ll need a waffle iron or an electric waffle maker to make proper waffles but if you don’t have one, you can still make pancakes from the same batter.

DESSERTS Salt Caramel

Salt caramel is fashionable with dessert chefs and bakers at the moment. In fact it’s simple to make: all you do is add a pinch of salt when you are making caramel at home. Here’s the recipe and method. Make a jar and keep it in the fridge for up to a week.

SIDE DISHES Carrots Glazed with Honey and Lemon

Carrots go so well with honey and citrus flavours. If you vary the type of honey you use, you can change this dish each time you make it. Switch the lemon for lime juice and zest and add a teaspoon of toasted cumin, especially if you are serving the carrots as part of a middle-eastern dinner. They are good served at room temperature too.

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