FOOD FEATURES How to ripen an avocado naturally

How to ripen avocados

If the avocados you buy are as hard as tennis balls, then there are a number of ways to ripen them quickly. You can sometimes buy ‘ready-to’eat’ avocados but often these need a day or so to ripen fully.


The late Steve Meyerowitz on organic food

The late Steve Meyerowitz, fondly known as the Sproutman, was a passionate advocate for health, life and earth. He wrote this article for gréatfood when we first started the website to explain why it is critical to maintain the integrity of the entire food chain – plants, soil, air, water, animals and people. It is as valid today as when we first published it ten years ago.


How to roast cauliflower

Roast cauliflower can be blitzed with hot stock and cream to make a soup; served warm as a side dish with roast beef or added to salads. + A quick recipe for cauliflower chicken with capers.

DESSERTS How to poach whole plums

How to poach whole plums

Buy plums when they are cheap and poach them – they take no time to cook and are the ultimate breakfast and dessert stand-by. Pimp the syrup and take the dish to a new level with the addition of vanilla, Amaretto, elderflower cordial, star anise, rosemary or orange flower or rosewater.


VIDEO: Where illegal food goes to die

She’s been threatened with voodoo and death threats, but U.S. customs supervisor Ellie Scaffa doesn’t let that stop her. Scaffa’s job is to dispose of contraband food, and you won’t believe the amazing variety of foods that she sees every day.

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