FOOD FEATURES Fregola or Fregula

Fregola or fregula is a Sardinian pasta grain made from wheat and is similar to middle-eastern couscous. It is cooked by boiling it in water in exactly the same way as any other pasta and takes about the same time to cook – 10-12 minutes – even though it is made of tiny grains.


Prunes are dried plums so anywhere you think a plum flavour will work try prunes instead. Because they are intensely flavoured by the drying process, use considerably less than if you were using fresh fruit.

VIDEOS How to break down a cow

See the craft of the butcher in action! Jason Yang, butcher at Fleishers Craft Butchery, breaks down half a cow into all the cuts you would see at your local butcher shop.


There are only a few commercial relationships that you need for a happy successful life: a good taxi company to get you home safely after a good night out; a regular restaurant that welcomes you with open arms; a supermarket to fulfil daily and weekly shopping needs; a fish shop that doesn’t actually smell of fish and a butcher who cuts meat straight from the carcass.

FOOD FEATURES How to ripen an avocado naturally

If the avocados you buy are as hard as tennis balls, then there are a number of ways to ripen them quickly. You can sometimes buy ‘ready-to’eat’ avocados but often these need a day or so to ripen fully.

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