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BREAKFAST How to Boil an Egg

How to Cook | How to Cook Boiled Eggs

You don’t have to boil the life out of an egg – with this method you bring the egg to the boil in a saucepan using cold water, then leave it for the desired length of time to continue cooking off the heat until you get the egg you like. Here’s a timetable for all sizes of eggs to achieve a soft-boiled, medium-boiled or hard-boiled egg.

HOW TO COOK How to Braise Turnips

How to Cook | How to Braise Turnips

Try braising turnips the French way and adding butter and honey. It preserves their texture and makes them sweeter (boiling just turns them to mush). Serve with roast duck, lamb chops or roast pork steak. Try to find smaller turnips that are easier to peel and cut.


How to Cook | How to Cook an Ox Tongue

You rarely see tongue in butcher’s shops now yet any Irish childhood would be bereft without it.Ox tongue has a buttery texture and a deep savoury flavour. A whole ox tongue from a butcher weighs about 1kg and costs 7-8 euro according to James Kenny of the The Brown Pig Butchers in Terenure in Dublin who can see signs that it’s coming back into fashion again as people look for meaty cuts that are economical and low in fat.

JAMS + PRESERVES Thermomix Apple Butter Recipe

What’s the Difference Between Stewed Apple and Apple Butter?

Stewed apple is the star dessert of an Irish childhood, well along with Irish Bread Pudding! Apples were one ingredient that were easy to get hold of – and because they were naturally sweet you could cook them for dessert or to eat with roast pork without having to add any other ingredient. Apple Butter is effectively the same, except that the apples are cooked long and slow until they turn a burnished gold. It is thicker than stewed apple, tighter in texture and whereas stewed apple is soft and luscious and almost runny, ideal to stir into yogurt or custard, apple butter is more like a preserve to spread on a slice of toast. We show you how to make both.

FOOD FEATURES How to Choose A Sheet Pan

Kitchen Tools Worth Buying: Baking Sheet Pans

A set of heavy baking sheet pans with good heat conduction qualities are a must in the kitchen. Use them for reheating foods, crisping baked goods, roasting vegetables, baking biscuits and pastry and even serving canapés. They will last a lifetime if you invest well, take care of them and as they age, they’ll develop a patina that will increase their ‘non-stickiness’.

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