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SIDE DISHES How to Cook Okra

Okra is like marmite – people love it or hate it but it is certainly worth giving it a chance. Sometimes people dislike okra because it has not been cooked correctly – this recipe we steam it for just 15 minutes so that it does not become ‘sticky’.

FOOD FEATURES How to make Kefir

Kefir is a grain that you ferment in either milk or water (that’s why people talk about milk kefir or water kefir). We regularly have a jar of milk kefir on the go in the gréatfood kitchen. It helps to maintain a healthy microbiome in your gut so that healthy bacteria can thrive. We swear by it because it gives you a flat wobbly tummy without having to diet. (Eat a few spoons of milk kefir after eating a pizza and the next day you won’t feel that your waist has tripled in size.)

APPETISERS Mushroom Soup

Mushrooms have so much flavour and are such good value – you can make a fine soup for four people from one punnet. Use parsley or basil or even coriander instead of thyme, skip the carrot if you don’t have one (though it adds sweetness) and fry a clove of garlic with or even instead of the onion.

SIDE DISHES Bulgur Salad

Bulgar has a light texture and a nutty flavour and is most often found in Middle-Eastern cooking. Serve this salad as a starter, on its own or in a warmed pita bread or with grilled chicken or fish. Bulgar takes just ten minutes to cook so it’s definitely fast food and it is a good source of protein and fibre.

SIDE DISHES Carrots Glazed with Honey and Lemon

Carrots go so well with honey and citrus flavours. If you vary the type of honey you use, you can change this dish each time you make it. Switch the lemon for lime juice and zest and add a teaspoon of toasted cumin, especially if you are serving the carrots as part of a middle-eastern dinner. They are good served at room temperature too.

APPETISERS Feta with Mint and Honey Citrus Dressing

Creamy salty feta is best bought from the middle-eastern shops (though a Greek man in a café told us that he thinks the feta from Fallon & Byrne in Dublin 2 is fantastic). You’ll usually find feta cheese stored in water in the fridge. Preserved lemons which are essential for this dressing are on the shelf there too.