How to bake a spaghetti squash

Spaghetti squashes have a delicate flavour and a thread-like texture which looks like thin pasta or noodles. They are quite large so it’s easier to bake the whole squash first, rather than slice or peel them, and use the cooked flesh in your recipe.


How to roast whole pumpkin or squash

Peeling and cutting a pumpkin is a lot of work, especially if the pumpkin or squash is on the large side. If you are going to purée it anyway, it’s easier to roast it whole, cut it in half, remove the seeds and scoop out the soft flesh so it’s ready to eat.

HOW TO COOK How to roast a sweet potato

How to Roast a Sweet Potato

Roasting a vegetable in its whole state, such as a sweet potato or butternut squash, opens up a world of possibilities in your cooking. The soft flesh can be mashed with butter or cream and served as a vegetable purée with roast meat or you can add stock and cream to it and turn it into soup. You can purée the flesh in a blender or mouli to make it even softer to serve to young children. Freeze the baked flesh in freezer bags and add to soups to make them healthier or to give them a creamier texture.

HOW TO COOK How to cook lamb's liver

How to Cook Lamb’s Liver

People often over-cook liver and then say that they don’t like it. Is it any wonder when it goes to mealy pieces in your mouth? Properly cooked liver is a delight to eat, soft and tender and melting. It is full of goodness, inexpensive to buy and easy to cook. Here’s how to cook it to get the best out of it.

HOW TO COOK How to cook pasta like an Italian.jpg

How to cook pasta like an Italian

Do you squash your pasta into a small saucepan which you half-fill with water and spend your time pushing the pasta back into the water? Do you find that some of your pasta strands are not fully cooked after the recommended time on the packet has elapsed? We show you how to cook pasta like an Italian.

FOOD FEATURES Why are truffles so expensive

Why are Truffles so Expensive?

Truffles are actually mushrooms though when you taste them, you will see why they are one of the expensive jewels of the ingredient world. A small black truffle can cost €100 easily. The season is short, lasting from summer through to the end of April.

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