The Butcher & The Cook: How to Buy a T-Bone Steak

Our series The Cook & The Butcher offers advice from James Kenny from The Brown Pig butchers about how to buy different cuts of meat, some popular, others more adventurous, while the cook, Anne Kennedy, the food editor of gréatfood shows you how to cook it and shares her favourite recipe. This feature is about T-bone steak.

FOOD FEATURES How to Cook Mushrooms

HOW TO COOK | Mushrooms

Sautéing mushrooms can be a bit ‘hit and miss’. You need to cook them first to give up their juices, then turn up the heat to concentrate their flavour. Here are a few tips so you can get the best out of wild and farmed mushrooms. Including recipes for garlic mushroom, a mushroom spread you can keep in the fridge and creamed bacon and mushrooms that you can toss through cooked pasta.

COOKBOOK RECIPES Recipes and Stories from Telegraph food writer Diana Henry's book How to Eat a Peach

Diana Henry: ‘If you’re going to San Francisco…’

Food writer and James Beard award-winning cookbook author Diana Henry has published her new cookbook How to Eat a Peach. Here she recounts a dinner held for her by another acclaimed food author Joyce Goldstein in San Francisco, the culmination of a journey in food that began in a bookshop in north London on a rainy afternoon in 1985.

DRINKS What Christmas Drinks Do I Serve?

What Christmas Drinks Do I Serve?

We answer your questions about what to serve your guests this Christmas from the wine to choose to go with the Christmas turkey to what to eat with goose to how to read the label on a bottle of sherry to know if it is sweet or dry.

FOOD FEATURES Indonesian Lapis cake made with pandan

Food and Drinks Trends for 2018

Consumers are going to become even more demanding of food and drink. Pandan, purple sweet potato and sherry are the new ‘it’ food and drinks that will appear on menus next year; vegan food will become the ‘new normal’ instead of a niche and consumers will increasingly expect brands to deliver products that don’t just taste good, but deliver a feel-good factor too.


Irish Producer Launches Healthy Algae and Rapeseed Oil

A small Wicklow-based company with big ambitions has launched a cold-pressed Algae and Rapeseed Oil. It’s healthy, made sustainably and creates a virtuous circle where Irish ingredients are used by Irish food producers to make an Irish product that can help to make Irish people healthier!

FOOD FEATURES What is brie de meaux

What is Brie de Meaux?

Brie de Meaux is a soft raw cow’s milk cheese with a bloomy rind made in the town of Meaux in France. It is an AOC product (Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée) which means that it must come from that region and from that terroir to earn the right to put AOC on the label.

FOOD FEATURES Fregola or Fregula

How to cook with Fregola or Fregula

Fregola or fregula is a Sardinian pasta grain made from wheat and is similar to middle-eastern couscous. It is cooked by boiling it in water in exactly the same way as any other pasta and takes about the same time to cook – 10-12 minutes – even though it is made of tiny grains.


Do you need a Pizza or Crust Cutter?

tchen drawers can easily become a graveyard for every tool and gadget you find on your travels or see on breakfast television. At greátfood our drawers are stuffed with falafel shapers, every kind of rasp grater and piece of kit that took our fancy. So do you need another one? We think so. A pizza cutter is genuinely useful even if you don’t make pizza! It can be used not just to cut home-made or takeaway pizzas but for pastry, tarts and home-made pasta.

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