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DRINKS Espresso Martini

Espresso Martini

Espresso martinis are addictive – both velvety and slightly bitter at the same time and it’s impossible to stop at just one. The ideal winter and Christmas cocktail.

DRINKS What Christmas Drinks Do I Serve?

What Christmas Drinks Do I Serve?

We answer your questions about what to serve your guests this Christmas from the wine to choose to go with the Christmas turkey to what to eat with goose to how to read the label on a bottle of sherry to know if it is sweet or dry.

DRINKS How to prime a wine glass

How to prime a wine glass

The ritual of priming a wine glass, that is swirling a small amount of wine in a glass and discarding it before you fill it can help you to taste better.


Mint tea

Middle eastern restaurants serve mint tea with a meal as a matter of course because it is an aid to digestion. Serve it in dainty little glasses – you’ll pick some up quite cheaply in IKEA. If you don’t own a teapot, make it in a saucepan instead.

DRINKS How to read a wine label

How to Read a Wine Label

Wine labels are the only way you can tell what’s in the bottle, unless you have a recommendation from a wine critic or a friend. You’ll find the hard obligatory information such as the alcohol content and the volume as well as the softer non-regulated content explaining how the wine should taste, what foods to drink it with and what temperature it’s best to serve it at.

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