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3 Michelin-starred chef Pedro Subijana, creates two dishes from Akelaŕe in San Sebastián, Spain. The first is a twist on the classic steak tartare, which is then placed in liquid nitrogen and blended, the second, is a selection of raw squid, tomatoes and vegetables that are cooked at the table under hot salt.


A no-knead, no overnight wait bread which you can make with white flour or wheatflour. This easier, faster recipe from Jenny Jones makes an amazing bakery-style loaf with a golden crispy crust. Anyone can make this foolproof bread, even if have never baked bread before.


Every vegetarian we’ve ever met says the only thing they either miss, or can’t give up, once they become a vegetarian is a fried rasher, preferably sandwiched between two buttery slices of white bread. What is it that makes it so attractive?


Every year, the Grand Prix de la Baguette de Tradition Française de la Ville de Paris competition is held in Paris, to find the best baguette made by traditional artisanal methods.

BAKING Diana Henry: Apricot and almond upside-down cake recipe

‘This is one of my favourite cakes,’ says Telegraph food writer Diana Henry. ‘It has a good balance of sweet and tart that really makes the best of apricots, especially those that are lacking in flavour or are underripe’. From her book Food from Plenty published by Mitchell Beazley.


A video showing you decorative crimping techniques for pastry including how to use a string of pearls to give your pie a decadent finish.

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