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BREAKFAST Date and Cashew Bars

Make them into bars or roll into balls! The ratio is 1:1, one part dates and one part cashews. If you use 200g of dates, use 200g of cashews. Switch the nuts to brazil nuts, walnuts, hazelnuts or any other nut you like.


White stock is the basis of many dishes. The bones are blanched in hot water to get rid of any impurities that could cloud the stock, then simmered with vegetables and aromatics until all the flavour and goodness is extracted from the bones. A white stock is made from chicken, veal or beef bones and it differs from a brown stock where the bones are roasted first.


Oatmeal is an important ingredient in the Irish store cupboard – we cook it with water or milk and call it porridge and eat it for breakfast. When pubs were the mainstay of social life, old men lined their stomachs with a bowl of porridge before a trip to the pub to have a few pints. In this recipe the raw oatmeal is used to coat the mackerel fillets to give a crunchy topping.

APPETISERS Cucumber and Mint Chilled Soup

There is something very posh about cold soups especially if they are made with cucumber – it’s overlooked as a vegetable and because it costs so little it ends up looking a bit tired in salads as if it is not worth doing more with it. This soup is deceptively simple – serve it with a dry chilled white like a Muscadet or with a cold craft lager.


Serve this sauce with any grilled meat, fish or vegetable or to drizzle over noodles – it keeps in the fridge for 3-4 days. Add finely chopped chilli to it to heat it up. You’ll find sweet mirin in the Asian shops. Substitute the shallot with red or white onion if you need to.


Curry paste is one of the most useful store cupboard ingredients. Ask your butcher to bone and butterfly the lamb, it will flatten it out so it will cook more evenly and soak up more flavour. It is also easier to cook and carve. Serve it with lemon turmeric rice (cook rice with a pinch of turmeric and the juice of a lemon).

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