COOKING TIPS Nutty Toasted Breadcrumbs recipe

Cooking Tip | How to Use Leftover Bread to Make Nutty Breadcrumbs

When you have bread left over make our nutty breadcrumbs which you can toss through pasta, use to top a macaroni cheese and sprinkle over vegetables. You can also use panko if you don’t want to use leftover bread. It’s an economical way of making a dish more substantial and adding texture using a food that would otherwise be thrown out.

BREAKFAST Barbecue and Molasses Flavoured Beans recipe

Barbecue and Molasses Flavoured Beans

A favourite from the American South. Serve them with baked or barbecued ribs, with an egg and a rasher at breakfast or on top of a baked potato for a vegetarian breakfast or lunch. Leftover beans can be served on toast with sour cream and a drizzle of maple syrup. They taste even better the next day.

COOKING TIPS Thyme and how to use it in cooking

Chef tip on cooking with herbs

‘Chefs use fresh and dried herbs to enhance both the appearance and flavour of dishes’, says chef and culinary lecturer TJ O’Connor. ‘Here’s how to replace fresh herbs with dried herbs, why you should add hard herbs like rosemary at the start of cooking and when to add soft herbs like basil to a dish.’


Baking Tips

Many of us didn’t learn baking at our mother’s knee – here are some tips to help fill those gaps.

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