COOKING TIPS Thyme and how to use it in cooking

Chef tip on cooking with herbs

‘Chefs use fresh and dried herbs to enhance both the appearance and flavour of dishes’, says chef and culinary lecturer TJ O’Connor. ‘Here’s how to replace fresh herbs with dried herbs, why you should add hard herbs like rosemary at the start of cooking and when to add soft herbs like basil to a dish.’


Baking Tips

Many of us didn’t learn baking at our mother’s knee – here are some tips to help fill those gaps.


Tips to make your shortcrust pastry flakier

Ask the question: ‘How do I make a flaky shortcrust pastry?’ and you’ll get a dozen different answers. So we’ve gathered some of the latest thinking on how to deliver a flaky pastry. We’ve also included a YouTube video from Kaiser Culinary University which shows the method to make pastry in case you need a reminder or are new to pastry making.

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