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Ask the question: ‘How do I make a flaky shortcrust pastry?’ and you’ll get a dozen different answers. So we’ve gathered some of the latest thinking on how to deliver a flaky pastry. We’ve also included a YouTube video from Kaiser Culinary University which shows the method to make pastry in case you need a reminder or are new to pastry making.


A meat loaf is so versatile: you can eat a slice on top of mashed potatoes with fried onions and gravy; make a meat loaf sandwich, squidging a warm slice between two slices of thick batch bread or serve it warm with spicy jelly or chutney and a salad like a poor man’s paté.

FEATURES How to choose and use kitchen string

Only use food grade string or string that has no waxes or dyes – you don’t want the wax to melt or for a coloured dye to leak into your food.

HOW TO COOK grey seasoning salt recipe

When you are cooking, it can be a bother to grind salt and black pepper each time. So why not make our grey salt? It’s a balanced mixture of sea salt and black peppercorns that you can use instead of having to grind salt and pepper each time.

HOW TO COOK Pasta tips

How to stop over-cooking pasta and why you need to reserve a few spoons of pasta water when cooking pasta.

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