COOKBOOK RECIPES The Nordic Baking Book | Danish Pastry

The Nordic Baking Book | Danish Pastry

This is your chance to learn how to make genuine Danish pastry at home from one of the greatest chefs in the world. You can fold and twist this pastry into any shape you like. This recipe comes from The Nordic Baking Book by Magnus Nilsson whose 12-seater restaurant Fäviken in Sweden has been listed in the top restaurants in the world for the last 6 years.


The German Cookbook | Black Forest Cake

Who knew that the Black Forest Cake originally came from Baden-Württemberg? Here’s the recipe for an authentic version of a café favourite from The German Cookbook, a comprehensive collection of German food researched and compiled by Michelin-starred chef Alfons Schuhbeck published by Phaidon. 


The German Cookbook | Chicken Cooked in Riesling

Use a good quality Riesling as the ingredient in this dish and also to drink at the table. A recipe from The German Cookbook, a comprehensive collection of recipes from Michelin-starred chef Alfons Schuhbeck. It’s destined to become a culinary classic. Published by Phaidon which is always a good sign!

BAKING Neven Maguire's Loaf of White Bread Recipe

Neven Maguire | Loaf of White Bread Recipe

‘Once you have mastered this classic white loaf, the bread-making world is your oyster!’ says Neven Maguire in his cookbook ‘Neven Maguire’s Home Economics for Life’. This loaf will stay fresh in an airtight container or wrapped tightly in tin foil for up to three days or can be frozen for up to one month.

COOKBOOK RECIPES Neven Maguire's Homemade Chips Recipe

Neven Maguire | Homemade Chips

A classic technique for homemade chips from chef Neven Maguire from his new cookbook ‘Neven Maguire’s Home Economics for Life’, a primer containing recipes and instructions that will stand you in good stead for life.

COOKBOOK RECIPES Salma Hage | The Mezze Cookbook | Chicken Fatteh recipe

Salma Hage | The Mezze Cookbook | Chicken Fatteh

‘Fatteh is served around Lebanon where I grew up in various guises but the most classic and recognized version is this one with shredded chicken and crispy pieces of pita bread, layered with spices and yogurt sauce’, explains Salma Hage in her new cookbook The Mezze Cookbook. ‘This chicken fatteh is best assembled at the last minute, as people are gathering at the table, so get everything ready beforehand. If the fatteh sits for too long, the bread will turn from crispy to soggy and one of the best things about this dish is the delightful textures and flavors when it’s enjoyed as soon as it’s ready.’

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