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Roast Leg of Spring Lamb with Mint Hollandaise Sauce

‘Spring lamb is a treat, albeit an expensive one’, says Rory O’Connell in his new book ‘Cook Well, Eat Well’ published by Gill Books. ‘And in my home it is the centrepiece of Easter Sunday lunch. If it is spring lamb with its mild, sweet flavour that you want, make sure to stress the word ‘spring’ to your butcher. Give plenty of notice with your order out of consideration to your butcher and you will be rewarded for your forward thinking.

COOKBOOK RECIPES Neven Maguire: Auntie Maureen’s Plum Pudding

Neven Maguire: Auntie Maureen’s Plum Pudding

‘In my opinion, no one makes Christmas pudding as good as my Auntie Maureen’, says Neven Maguire who shares his aunt’s recipe here and in his new Christmas cookbook ‘Neven Maguire’s Perfect Irish Christmas’.  ‘Its flavour only improves as time goes on, so it’s best to make it a month before you plan to eat it. Serve warm or cold with lashings of custard or whipped cream with and brandy butter.’

COOKBOOK RECIPES Neven Maguire: Christmas Herb & Onion Stuffing

Neven Maguire: Herb & Onion Stuffing

From Neven Maguire’s new book ‘Neven Maguire’s Perfect Irish Christmas. ‘This is a really good recipe for the buttery fresh herb stuffing that everyone seems to love and I have been making it for years, ever since watching my mother Vera making it as a young child. If you prefer it can be cooked and served in a separate dish (rather than in the bird itself), which makes it more crispy and golden.’


Neven Maguire: Foolproof Roast Turkey with Streaky Bacon

‘This is the easiest way to roast a turkey’ says Neven Maguire in his new book Neven Maguire’s Perfect Irish Christmas ‘and fortunately, for many people it’s also the best. Forget about having the time to brine it or trying to turn it over while it cooks – this method is absolutely foolproof.’


Irish Producer Launches Healthy Algae and Rapeseed Oil

A small Wicklow-based company with big ambitions has launched a cold-pressed Algae and Rapeseed Oil. It’s healthy, made sustainably and creates a virtuous circle where Irish ingredients are used by Irish food producers to make an Irish product that can help to make Irish people healthier!

FOOD FEATURES What is brie de meaux

What is Brie de Meaux?

Brie de Meaux is a soft raw cow’s milk cheese with a bloomy rind made in the town of Meaux in France. It is an AOC product (Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée) which means that it must come from that region and from that terroir to earn the right to put AOC on the label.

FOOD FEATURES How to clean Vintage Cutlery

How to clean vintage cutlery

You’ll find vintage cutlery on Etsy, Ebay and if you are lucky at your local charity shop. It needs to be cleaned before you use it to remove marks and tarnish to make sure that it is spotless and safe to eat with. Keep any items that are worn for decorative purposes – only use cutlery that has its silver plate intact to eat with. Both methods below work for silver cutlery as well as silver plate.

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