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HOW TO COOK How to clean clams

Clams are full of flavour so you need very few of them to make the classic Spaghetti con Vongole, the Italian dish of clams, chilli, garlic and olive oil. Before you cook them, you need to remove the sand. Here’s how to do that and to make Spaghetti or Linguine con Vongole.


A cheeseboard should not be a competition to show off food knowledge or wealth or social status (though it sometimes feels like that). Rather, it should feel like a luxurious generous end to a meal rather than a burden on the digestive system.


Grappa is a clear distilled Italian alcoholic drink made from what is leftover after the wine-making process, that is the skins, pulp, seeds and sometimes, though not always, the stems. It is similar to the French Marc. It is a testimony to the resourcefulness of winemakers that they can turn what would otherwise be waste into something special.


It can be more difficult than you think to pair roast meat with wine: the variations from rare soft juicy meat inside to a caramelised, toasty, often burnt flavour on the crust can cause trouble on the palate. Here are some safe bets.

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