CHRISTMAS GIFTS Christmas Gifts | Bunzlau Castle Tableware

Christmas Gifts | Bunzlau Castle Tableware

Why not give the gift of tableware this Christmas that is hard-wearing enough to meet the demands of family life and that you can also pass from one generation to the next? Bunzlau Castle make a range of ceramics, cutlery and textiles, all handmade and hand-painted in Europe that will last a lifetime or two!

COOKBOOK RECIPES Neven Maguire's Homemade Chips Recipe

Neven Maguire | Homemade Chips

A classic technique for homemade chips from chef Neven Maguire from his new cookbook ‘Neven Maguire’s Home Economics for Life’, a primer containing recipes and instructions that will stand you in good stead for life.

CHRISTMAS GIFTS Christmas Gifts | Fleur de Soleil Tablecloth

Christmas Gifts | Fleur de Soleil Cherry Blossom Tablecloth

Covering a kitchen or dining table with a coated cotton tablecloth (also called oil cloth) is a creative way of changing up the design of your kitchen or dining room and a good way of recovering a solid table that needs a bit of love. With just the swish of a tablecloth your chipped and stained table can look new and hygenic again or can be transformed in time for those guests to arrive for dinner.

CHRISTMAS GIFTS Christmas Gifts | Dutch Deluxe Apron

Christmas Gifts | Dutch Deluxes Black Cord and Pied de Poule Apron

Dutch Deluxe create the most wonderful handmade aprons, each beautifully gift-wrapped and they tick every box on our list for a desirable apron: they are comfortable, machine-washable at 40 degrees, durable and reversible so you can do a quick change if the doorbells rings when you’ve just been bubbling a tomato sauce on the hob!

CHRISTMAS GIFTS Christmas Gifts | The Spring Oven

Christmas Gifts | The Spring Oven

Quite literally the ‘product’ of a successful Kickstarter campaign, the Spring Oven is a terracotta baking pot that simulates the conditions of a baker’s oven in your home oven so you can create bakery quality bread with a good rise and a crunchy crust.


Christmas Gifts | Pan 999 Pure Silver Pan and Sugar Tongs

How much do you love the person you’re giving a Christmas gift too? Enough to buy them this cooking pan, lined with solid silver, and one of the few collectors’ items that you can use every day that is also destined to become a culinary heirloom, the one everyone fights over when you are long gone.