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BAKING Fruity Hand Pies

Fruit Hand Pies

A hand pie is literally that, one you form by hand and one you eat in your hand! They can be as higgeldy-piggeldy as you like in shape as long as you make sure all sides are sealed so the filling stays put (though as you’ll see from our photo this is a virtual impossibility and some of the fruity juices will inevitably leak out). This makes them look even more hand-made so they will be even more of a success. Use any fruit.


How to choose a wedding cake

We asked pâtisserie chef Selina O’Connor from Selina’s Cakes in County Kerry to explain how to choose your wedding cake designer, what influences the size and flavouring of the cake and how to brief the cake designer to make the cake of your dreams.


Fast No-Knead Bread recipe

A no-knead, no overnight wait bread which you can make with white flour or wheatflour. This easier, faster recipe from Jenny Jones makes an amazing bakery-style loaf with a golden crispy crust. Anyone can make this foolproof bread, even if have never baked bread before.

DESSERTS Rich Chocolate Fondant

Rich Chocolate Fondant

A french classic. Make them a few hours in advance, chill and bake just before serving. They take just 12-13 minutes to cook.

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