Warm Salad with Roast Peppers-Cherry-Tomatoes and Feta

Warm Salad with Roast Peppers-Cherry-Tomatoes and Feta
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A simple warm salad to be served on its own though it is also perfect with roast lamb or lamb chops.


200g small peppers in red, orange and yellow if possible
200g cherry tomatoes
Pinch of Garlic and Rosemary Seasoning Salt or 10 basil leaves chopped finely and mixed with a pinch of salt and freshly ground pepper
3 tablespoons olive oil
100g feta cheese, crumbled


1. Place the peppers and tomatoes in a single layer in a roasting dish. Season with the herb salt, spoon over the olive oil and mix with clean hands. Bake at 200C/400F/Gas 6 for 20-25 minutes or until soft and golden but still holding their shape.  Serve sprinkled with the feta cheese.

– You can sprinkle the feta cheese over the vegetables for the last ten minutes of cooking if you like it melted.

– Toss in a few garlic cloves with the peppers and squeeze out the contents onto toasted bread to eat with the salad.

– Serve the salad with other vegetable dishes:  CaponataWarm Chestnut Mushroom and Mange Tout SaladWarm Potato Salad with Spicy Buttermilk DressingMoorish Orange OlivesDutch Fried Tomatoes  and Lentil, Feta and Mint Salad with Beetroot Purée (omit the feta cheese in the recipe above  if making this dish). For dessert choose something simple to cook: Tergoule – Normandy Rice Pudding or Crisp buttery vanilla waffles served with poached fruit and a delicious cake. Try our Orange and Almond Cake with Maple Syrup. Or make A Quick Sophisticated Strawberry and Vanilla Gratin – you can make the custard mixture in advance and pour it on top of the fruit before you pop them in the oven.

5 ways to Cook with Peppers
Lentil and Tomato Soup with Paprika and Cumin
Tomato Salad with Shallot Dressing
Griddled Plums with Feta Cheese, Maple Syrup and Mint

Sour cream, and walnut oil dressing
Creamy Irish Rice Pudding
Butter and Lard Pastry for Savoury and Sweet Tarts

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