SIDE DISHES Roast Chickpeas

Roasted Chickpeas

Chickpeas take on a new complexion when you roast them. It brings out a nutty quality and the texture is firmer so they are more suited to adding to salads or to sprinkle over middle-eastern tagines for the last five minutes of cooking. Roast a larger quantity to justify turning on the oven and use them the next day or two or make a smaller quantity when you are roasting meat.

SIDE DISHES Beetroot Chutney

Beetroot and Balsamic Salad

Posh beetroot in vinegar! You will really see the difference between beetroot in a jar and this version. Serve a teaspoon or two with goat’s cheese, a runny brie, sliced roast pork, anywhere you want colour and acidity on the plate.

SIDE DISHES Potato Rosti Recipe

Potato Rosti

These crunchy little potato pancakes with their raggedy frizzled edges look a picture on the plate. Ugly can be beautiful! Make them when you want to use up those last few potatoes in the bag.


Roast tomatoes with Thyme and Sea Salt

Tomatoes become sweeter when they are oven-roasted – toss these in cooked pasta for an easy supper or pop them into a kilner jar, cover with more oil and leave them in the fridge for up to a week to serve in salads, with poached eggs or to smear on toasted baguette (rub the bread with a cut garlic clove first).

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