Websites use cookies to make your reading experience online easier, to save your logins and passwords for your social networking sites (they stay on your computer and we have no access to them) and to deliver targeted, relevant ads to you. You can choose to toggle them on or off – it’s up to you.

What Are Cookies and how are they useful to you?

Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer or mobile phone when you browse websites. Our website uses cookies – most websites in the world do – to make it easier and faster to access the information on our website and in the format you prefer.

 Cookies are effectively little text memories or snippets of information that our website stores so that they recall your preferences from your last visit. You can turn off cookies in your computer and browser preferences (you’ll find out how to do this by doing a search on google depending on the browser you use) and each time you visit our website, you can access all the information from scratch. That means that pages may be slower to load (cookies help your computer to remember what pages you last visited and to show them speedily) and that your preferences will not be stored.

Cookies on our website do NOT store personally identifiable information such as postal addresses, email addresses or phone numbers. And it makes no difference to us if you decide to turn them off. It only affects your browsing experience and anything that makes your browsing experience more comfortable or enjoyable is good for us.

What you will miss if you turn off cookies is that the advertisements you see will not be tailored to your interests. This may or may not be of interest to you, but if you like to see ads that match your needs at any given time, leave cookies on. If you want to see ads that may or may not be relevant to you, turn them off in your browser preferences.

Cookies also help you to share information with social networks such as Facebook and Twitter as they remember the login and passwords (they are stored in your computer and not passed to us).

We do not use cookies to:

Collect any sensitive information (we never collect this type of information without your express permission).

Granting Us Permission To Use Cookies

If the settings on your software that you are using to view this website (ie your browser whether it is Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox etc) are preferenced to accept cookies we take this, and your continued use of our website, as an explicit intention that you are giving us permission to use cookies. Should you wish to remove or not use cookies from our site, you can disable cookies through Internet options on your browser menu at any time.

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