We created this recipe with leftover cooked potatoes and a few slices of corned beef that we found in the fridge. It fits with our philosophy at gréatfood: that you can make a fine dinner from a few basic ingredients and they can go a long way. If you shy away from corned beef this pie will convert you.


Quail is one of those things people are a bit afraid of – yet they are one of the tastiest and juiciest of the small game birds. You will find them in most good butchers. Here they are stuffed with sage and breadcrumbs and wrapped in streaky bacon.

MAIN COURSES Shredded Chicken

One of the special dishes of the Sichuan region of China. It can be served at room temperature or made in advance and served cold. It can be served on its own as a main course with rice or as part of a larger Chinese meal.


Brisket is used to make an authentic pot roast – it is a cut of beef that needs long slow cooking to make it tender but the reward for your patience is in the taste of the final dish. Cheaper cuts of meat often need more time to cook but they deliver on flavour. We cook this pot roast with leeks, whole carrots and star anise which adds sweetness.


This recipe calls for a decent piece of beef fillet as it will be eaten medium-rare. The mushroom duxelle or stuffing used to cover the meat is a classic part of this recipe – it moistens the meat during cooking and adds a rich flavour. Buy good quality all-butter puff pastry, not the one made with vegetable oil (unless you are vegan!).

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