JAMS + PRESERVES Apple and Cinnamon Butter

Apple and Cinnamon Butter

Why not make a batch of apple butter and eat it on granola with yogurt for breakfast, plop a spoon on top of bought custard or eat it on warm toast. It keeps for a week in the fridge.

JAMS + PRESERVES Thermomix Apple Butter Recipe

What’s the Difference Between Stewed Apple and Apple Butter?

Stewed apple is the star dessert of an Irish childhood, well along with Irish Bread Pudding! Apples were one ingredient that were easy to get hold of – and because they were naturally sweet you could cook them for dessert or to eat with roast pork without having to add any other ingredient. Apple Butter is effectively the same, except that the apples are cooked long and slow until they turn a burnished gold. It is thicker than stewed apple, tighter in texture and whereas stewed apple is soft and luscious and almost runny, ideal to stir into yogurt or custard, apple butter is more like a preserve to spread on a slice of toast. We show you how to make both.

JAMS + PRESERVES Quick Pineapple Relish recipe

A Quick Pineapple Relish or Chutney

A quick relish to make using fresh or tinned pineapple. Serve it with fatty meats like pork belly, roast pork, pulled pork, roast ham, in sandwiches and wraps and with roast chicken. Leave it for a day before you use it to let the flavours develop and for the acidity to settle (it can taste quite sharp on the first day). If you want to go the whole hog and seal it in preserve jars, store them in a dark cupboard and it will keep for up to a year.

JAMS + PRESERVES Baked Camembert with Cranberry Relish recipe

Cranberry Relish or Sauce

You can make this cranberry sauce all year round to go with pork and duck as well as at Thanksgiving and Christmas. It makes a chicken and mayonnaise sandwich great. Buy cranberries in season and freeze them so you can make it whenever you like.

DESSERTS Blackcurrant Compote

Blackcurrant Compote

Pot the fruit compote into a kilner jar and when it’s cool keep it in the fridge to top muesli or granola, smear it on waffles, serve over ice cream or spread on bread for breakfast. Or use it to fill a blind-baked pastry case, top with lattice pastry and bake for a quick blackcurrant tart.

BREAKFAST Lime Curd Recipe made with limes, eggs and butter.

Lime Curd

This recipe for lime curd comes from the British Women’s Institute if our memory is correct – we can’t give it higher praise.

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