DESSERTS Blackcurrant Compote

Blackcurrant Compote

Pot the fruit compote into a kilner jar and when it’s cool keep it in the fridge to top muesli or granola, smear it on waffles, serve over ice cream or spread on bread for breakfast. Or use it to fill a blind-baked pastry case, top with lattice pastry and bake for a quick blackcurrant tart.

BREAKFAST Lime Curd Recipe made with limes, eggs and butter.

Lime Curd

This recipe for lime curd comes from the British Women’s Institute if our memory is correct – we can’t give it higher praise.


Kumquat Marmalade with Gin

Kumquats are quite expensive so you need to make something special with them. This recipe for kumquat marmalade with gin and vanilla is just that. Serve it with cheese or on griddled bread.


Plum Compote

When you find a glut of cheap plums, poach and chill them and you’ll always have a burst of sunshine to add to natural yogurt for breakfast, to slather on a homemade scone or to fill a Victoria Sponge.

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