Sauce Vierge

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A classic french sauce created by French chef Michel Guérard with tomatoes, garlic and herbs for use on cold or grilled vegetables and with Mediterranean fish such as red mullet and sea bass. It can be cooked or served raw.


200ml olive oil
80g ripe tomatoes, diced finely
1-2 garlic cloves, peeled and smashed with the blade of a knife
Juice of 1 lemon (you may not need all of it)
A small handful of freshly chopped herbs (chervil, basil, tarragon, parsley, coriander)
Salt and freshly ground pepper


  1. Place all the ingredients in a bowl and season to taste. Leave to sit for an hour so the juice can come out of the tomatoes and pick up flavour from the garlic and herbs. Remove the garlic before you serve it. Use only enough lemon juice so it tastes good. Serve cold or warm the sauce gently before you use it.

Recipe Note
Serve as a dressing for grilled vegetables and fish. It is a classic pairing for lightly cooked asparagus which can be served as a starter when you add a spoon of sauce vierge.

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