How to make Chilli Oil

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Make a batch of home-made chilli oil and use it to spice up a bought pizza, add zing to a toasted cheese sandwich or turn a plate of plain spaghetti into something more remarkable. Put it in a decorative bottle and it becomes a gift.


250ml sunflower or olive oil
4 tablespoons dried red chillies


1. Gently heat the oil with the dried chillies in a saucepan. Cover and leave overnight to infuse. Carefully strain the oil into a sterilised bottle.

– You can sterilize a bottle in a hot wash in the dishwasher or wash it in soapy water, rinse thoroughly and dry it in a low oven.

– If you want to make the oil even hotter, use more dried chillies. You can also use fresh chopped chillies and include the seeds for more heat.



Photograph ©foodpixies.com




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