How to use Pink Peppercorns

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Pink peppercorns are actually berries and while they look like they are related to black, white or green peppercorns, they come from a different plant altogether. + A recipe for pink peppercorn vinegar

Pink peppercorns have a brighter, fruitier flavour than black peppercorns and are often sold in peppercorn spice mixes because their colour makes the spice mixture look more interesting (and possibly more expensive).

– Crush the peppercorns lightly to release their flavour before using them.

– Add them to curry pastes, chicken dishes, vinaigrettes or even to melted dark chocolate.

– Pink peppercorns dry out easily so keep them stored in a screw-topped jar.

– Buy them in Asian shops in bulk rather than in pre-made spice mixes and they will cost less.


How to make pink peppercorn vinegar

1. Heat 400ml of white wine vinegar in a non-reactive saucepan, remove from the heat and add 3 crushed teaspoons of pink peppercorns.

2. Leave to cool and infuse. Pour into a sterilised bottle.

3. Store in a dark place for 2 weeks before using.

– Adapt this recipe to use a mixture of black, green and pink peppercorns.

– Use the pink peppercorn vinegar in salad dressings or add a splash at the end of casseroles where you need a burst of acidity to balance the fat.

Allergies: some people have a sensitivity to pink peppercorns (they can be toxic in large quantities like nutmeg) so check first before using them.



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