How to make Tomato Concasse

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Concasse means to chop and that’s what tomato concasse is: just chopped tomatoes. First you need to peel the tomatoes. Tomato concasse are used in nearly every cuisine from Italian to French cooking. You can them as a garnish for fish dishes or on top of bruschetta as well as an ingredient in a recipe.


Good quality fresh tomatoes


1. Remove the green stem from the tomato, then cut an X in the top of the tomato and put it into boiling water until the skin loosens and begins to peel off the top of the tomato (about 10 seconds). Drain the tomatoes carefully, leaving them in the saucepan and run the tomatoes under running cold water. Lift the tomatoes out, and peel.

2. Cut each tomato in half, remove the seeds and dice finely. Now the tomatoes are ready to use. Sweat them in olive oil for a few minutes until soft and stir over pasta or serve on the side with grilled fish. Use them to top slices of crusty bread. Add them to stews that are not going to be cooked for long. Add herbs to the tomato concasse and use as a garnish.

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