How to make and use Grey Seasoning Salt

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When you are cooking, it can be a bother to grind salt and black pepper each time. So why not make our grey salt? It’s a balanced mixture of sea salt and black peppercorns that you can use instead of having to grind salt and pepper each time.

How to make ‘grey salt’

Add a handful of sea salt crystals to a grinder or mortar and pestle. Add a few spoons of black peppercorns and whizz or grind by hand. Keep adding black pepper until the salt turns grey. Make up a small batch each time so it is fragrant and keep it in a bowl next to the cooker ready to use.

How to use ‘grey salt’

Use grey salt just as you would use ordinary salt: because the proportions of salt and black pepper are balanced in the ‘grey salt’, once you season the dish correctly in terms of saltiness, it will also contain the right amount of black pepper.



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