How to make dried lemon zest

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This is a great way to ensure that you always have lemon zest to hand.

Zest of 6 unwaxed lemons

1. Spread the lemon zest onto a sheet of parchment paper and leave to dry for 24 hours or longer if possible. Store it in a little jar in the fridge where it will keep for 2 weeks.

Lemon zesting tip:
Remove the zest from lemons before you squeeze them. Trying to zest a squeezed lemon is difficult! Once you remove the zest, you need to use what’s left of the lemon shortly after – it dries out and hardens once you remove its skin and you won’t extract any juice from it.

How to use dried lemon zest
Mix dried lemon zest with olive oil and drizzle over roast vegetables or fish before cooking or add a sprinkling to salad dressings and vinaigrettes.


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