How to cook with prawn heads

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When you cook with fresh prawns, the head of the prawn is usually seen as waste. But you can do so much with them, from making stock to turning them into a prawn oil. Next time, when you get grilled prawns with their heads on, snap the head off and suck it – it’s a real delicacy!

How to make prawn head oil
You’ll find a recipe for Fried Prawn Heads and Prawn Oil at – this tasty oil made with the prawn heads and aromatics can be stored in the fridge and drizzled over seafood pasta or used to add punch to scrambled eggs with smoked salmon.

Make stock from prawn heads
Boil the prawn heads in water with a few peeled shallots, a bay leaf, a few fresh thyme or parsley stalks and a little white wine until the broth reduces and takes on flavour. Season with salt, strain and freeze in an ice cube tray. Transfer the ice cubes into a freezer bag and pop a cube or two into fish soup or fish risotto for an easy fish stock.



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