VIDEO: How To Cut Up a Whole Chicken


VIDEO: How to cut up a whole chicken – a video from The Kitchn.


Why buy a whole chicken?
It’s often cheaper to buy a whole chicken and joint it yourself. It also means you have control over the portion size, can check the quality of the bird (Is it bruised? Does it look like it’s been sitting squished between lots of other chickens in a battery farm?) and you can make stock from the carcass and the wings for soup.

Food Safety note on cutting chicken:

– Never wash a chicken before cooking it – you spread bacteria that will be killed by the heat of the oven or the boiling stock anyway.

– Use plastic cutting boards that can be boiled or washed in the dishwasher.

– Put the knives you use to cut chicken in the dishwasher to make sure they are properly cleaned or if they will be damaged by doing that, wash them carefully in boiling soapy water and dry thoroughly. Clean out the sink afterwards.




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