How many grammes of dried noodles do you need per person?

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Did you know that you need the same amount of noodles per person as you do when you are cooking pasta? Read our quick tips.

– Serve 100g of dried noodles per person for a main course, and 50g per person for a starter or salad course.

– Use the same quantity of noodles as you would pasta. Noodles are usually ready in 6-7 minutes while pasta takes between 9-12 minutes to cook.

– Noodles can be quite starchy so rinse them with boiling water once they are cooked – it will stop them sticking together.

– Noodles are one of the few pre-cooked products that are really close to the real thing: buy ready-to-use soba noodles at the Asian market and add them to the cooked dish three minutes before the end of cooking,



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