Cook a Leg of Lamb from frozen


Did you know that you can cook a leg of lamb from frozen? You’ll need a cooking thermometer for this so you can check that the centre of the meat is cooked through and reaches the correct temperature.

Cooking a leg of lamb from frozen
A frozen leg of lamb will obviously take longer to cook than a defrosted leg of lamb. You need to allow about a third extra time to make sure the leg of lamb is fully cooked through. That’s 43-45 minutes per 450g for ‘medium’ plus 20 minutes for the joint; and 48-50 minutes per 450g plus 20 minutes for the joint for ‘well-done’.

You need to use a cooking thermometer to ensure that the lamb is cooked fully through to the centre: a meat thermometer should register 71C (160F) and for well-done, it should register 77C (170F).

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