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HOW TO COOK How to clean clams

Clams are full of flavour so you need very few of them to make the classic Spaghetti con Vongole, the Italian dish of clams, chilli, garlic and olive oil. Before you cook them, you need to remove the sand. Here’s how to do that and to make Spaghetti or Linguine con Vongole.


Roast cauliflower can be blitzed with hot stock and cream to make a soup; served warm as a side dish with roast beef or added to salads. + A quick recipe for cauliflower chicken with capers.


Whole fresh mushrooms don’t really freeze well with the exception of truffles. Their structure is too delicate and soft to survive harsh temperatures – but here’s a tip to get around this.

HOW TO COOK dukkah

Dukkah is an aromatic nutty Egyptian spice mix. Everyone has their own recipe so we scouted the internet and found our favourites. Ottolenghi suggests sprinkling it over simple green salads, roast veg, big fat bowls of hummus or stir it into cooked lentils or boiled rice.


We couldn’t wait to share this infographic/illustration from the Food Network Kitchen which featured on Instagram. Cavatelli are a small pasta shape – and are also called orecchie di prete or priest’s ears: when you make them, you’ll see that they are shaped just like an ear lobe, all the better to pick up sauce!

HOW TO COOK How to cook Israeli Couscous

Israeli Couscous has larger grains than plain couscous making it suitable to add texture to salads. + How to cook it and a recipe for Israeli Couscous salad with cucumber, mint, parsley, cherry tomatoes and blue cheese.

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