GREAT IDEAS | The Scandinavian Äggcøddler, a Hygge in an Egg Cup

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Ditch the boiled egg and choose a coddled egg instead! The Scandinavian Äggcøddler makes coddling eggs so easy with its porcelain heatproof base and lid and a rubber band to secure it in place. A coddled egg makes a comforting meal for breakfast or a light lunch – we call it a hygge in an egg cup!

Jois Lundgren, the inventor and designer of the Äggcøddler, took an old idea and made it new. Many people have never even tasted a coddled egg, yet it’s one of the easiest, most nutritious meals to make and one of the most comforting things you can eat.

What is a coddled egg?
A coddled egg is made by steaming an egg, out of its shell, in boiling water in a heatproof vessel. Think of a poached egg except that with a coddled egg, the egg never touches the water so it has a softer more unctuous texture when it is cooked. You can add meat, vegetables, flavourings and aromatics along with the egg to turn it into a more substantial dish.

To make a coddled egg, all you do is butter or oil the Äggcøddler, break one egg (or up to three of them depending on the size of your Äggcøddler) into it, season with salt and pepper, pop the lid on and secure it with the stretchy silicone band that comes with it. Place the Äggcøddler (or a few of them, buy at least two, everyone will want one) in a pan of boiling water for between 9-14 minutes, depending how soft you like your eggs.

For a flavoured coddled egg to make a more substantial lunch or light tea, layer savoury ingredients like chopped ham or cooked chorizo or smoked fish on the bottom of the Äggcøddler, add grated cheese and chopped herbs, break in another egg and layer more flavouring ingredients on top.

Flavour combinations that worked really well in our test kitchen are crème fraîche, smoked salmon, chives and lemon zest; our tomato sauce recipe with toasted coriander seeds, a splash of Sriracha and finely chopped feta cheese; strips of any cured meat, cubes of Taleggio or Fontina, finely chopped basil and a spoon of mascarpone; and smoked trout with cream cheese, dill and a spoon of double cream. Once you buy one, you won’t stop experimenting and you can post your photos and recipe ideas on Instagram!

2 ÄGG-SET XXL "Henrik" & ''Hanna''The 2 ÄGG-SET in extra large – each vessel fits up to three eggs – are called ‘Henrik & Hanna and retail online at their website for €39 plus p&p.

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