What food is in season in Ireland and when?

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Seasonality is a good guide to help you buy the best quality fruit and vegetables. Eat them immediately or if they are about to go out of season and you can buy them at a good price, freeze for later use.

What’s in season in Ireland and when?


Beetroot: July to December

Broccoli: June to November

Brussels Sprouts: January to February; September to December

Cabbage: January to December

Carrots: January to February; August to December

Cauliflower: January to February; June to December

Celery: May to November

Fennel: August to November

Kale: August to December

Leeks: January to April; September to December

Lettuce: January to December

Marrows: July to December

Mushrooms: January to December

Onions: January to March; October to December

Parsnips: January to April; September to December

Peppers: April to October

Potatoes: January to March; July to December

Rhubarb: February to July

Scallions: May to November

Shallots: June to August

Spinach: January to March; June to September

Swedes: January to March; July to December

Tomatoes: April to October

Turnips: January to February; July to December


Beef, Lamb, Eggs and Dairy: January to December


Apples: September to December

Strawberries: May to December

Other berries: July to September

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