Do you need a Pizza or Crust Cutter?


Kitchen drawers can easily become a graveyard for every tool and gadget you find on your travels or see on breakfast television. At greátfood our drawers are stuffed with falafel shapers, every kind of rasp grater and piece of kit that took our fancy. So do you need another one? We think so. A pizza cutter is genuinely useful even if you don’t make pizza! It can be used not just to cut home-made or takeaway pizzas but for pastry, tarts and home-made pasta.

– A pizza cutter has a serrated wheel which gives a clean cut to pastry or pizza. It’s not just useful to cut pizza – use it to cut neat slices of tart. Place the tart on a wooden board first as it will scratch a plate.

– Italians use it to cut ravioli or pasta sheets down to size – it gives a clean cut.

– It’s great if you have a pizza with toppings, it cuts through the lot cleanly so there are no rows that one slice has gained more than the other! It’s also handy to cut toasted pita bread and slices of tortilla or quesadilla.

– Wash it immediately after use so the serrated edges don’t harbour food and germs.

– A pizza cutter is an odd shape and will clutter up your drawer unless you are going to use it.

– It has a sharp blade so keep it at the back of the drawer!

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