How to stop metal biscuit cutters going rusty

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Keep your vintage metal biscuit or cookie cutters from going rusty with these tips.

– Wipe the cutters after use and dry them thoroughly. Metal cutters rust when they get damp.

– Dust them with a little flour before storing them, it will absorb any moisture.

– If you get packs of silica gel or desiccant with computers, pop those in the drawer or storage box with your cutters – they soak up moisture and stop your cutters going rusty.

– If you want to avoid the problem altogether, buy brightly coloured plastic cutters or stainless steel cutters, though they won’t feel as traditional. Sets that stack into themslves are great space-savers.

– If you buy vintage metal cutters that are already rusty, sand them with fine sandpaper and rub with mineral oil.


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