When a Simple Cheap Plastic Juice Squeezer Will Do the Trick!

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Forget fancy centrifugal juicers when you just want to juice a lemon or lime to add a citrus kick to food – a handheld juicer will do just fine. They are durable, easy to clean, can be put in the dishwasher and cost very little. You’ll pick up vintage finds like Tupperware juicers that are as comforting to use today as they were in the ’60s.

When you go on the internet or on YouTube and type in ‘juicing’ you would think that the only time you need to juice fruit is to lose weight (in fact, what you will probably lose on a long-term juice diet is your teeth from drinking too much sugar). Most cooks juice a lemon or lime or orange for other reasons, to add acidity to a dressing, to perk up a sauce or stew (add fresh orange juice to stewing lamb and add a teaspoon of cumin seeds and you’ve made a Lamb, Orange and Cumin Stew) or to make a honey and lemon drink for a cold. There’s no sane reason to haul a large electrical juicer out of the cupboard when you can put your hand in a drawer and find a small easy-to-use-and-clean handheld juicer.

– The traditional handheld juicer is cheap and comes in plastic, stainless steel or glass. If you want to juice a lemon or lime to add sparkle to food these are perfect. Who wants to set up and wash a centrifugal juicer just to add a citrus note to a sauce or to make a quick dressing?

– You can bring these juicers to the table if you wish and let everyone juice their own limes and lemons for Mexican food and salads. If you entertain frequently, buy a few in different colours and give everyone a juicer. Store them on a kitchen shelf when not in use – it’s a good way of getting colour into your kitchen. You’ll find interesting vintage juicers on Etsy and at antique markets.

– Buy a good quality plastic or ceramic one – they wash in the dishwasher though they are so easy to clean under a running tap. Make sure you wash them immediately or the fruit pieces will stick to the juicer.


– Microwave oranges and limes for up to 30 seconds and they will release more juice. If you don’t have a microwave, roll the fruit along the countertop


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