5 Recipes using Tomato and Oregano

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Tomatoes and oregano are a match made in food heaven. Here are five ways you can use them to make quick and simple meals by just adding one or two extra ingredients  from your store cupboard or fridge.

1. Tomato and Oregano Frittata – Serves 4
Lightly whisk 6 eggs. Add finely diced onion (red, white or spring onion), chopped fresh or dried oregano and salt and black pepper. Mix to combine. Oil a baking dish. Pour in the egg mixture and layer sliced tomatoes on top. Bake in the oven at 180ºC for 15 minutes, then put the frittata under the grill until the top is golden and puffy. If you wish, you can add grated cheese before grilling.

2. Pasta with Tomato, Garlic and Oregano – Serves 4
Put a large saucepan of salted water on to boil. When it’s boiling add 400g of spaghetti and cook for 9 minutes or until cooked al dente. Drain. While the pasta is cooking chop four medium tomatoes. Fry one garlic clove over gentle heat in extra virgin olive oil until it starts brown. Remove the garlic clove and add the tomatoes and chopped fresh oregano. Season with salt and black pepper. Cook over gentle heat for just a few minutes. Toss into the pasta and pour a drizzle of good olive oil over the pasta on each plate before serving.

3. Bruschetta with Tomato and Oregano
Toast good bread on the griddle pan until seared and striped on both sides. Rub one side of bread with a cut garlic clove. Top with chopped tomatoes and finely chopped fresh oregano. Pour on good olive oil and sprinkle with salt.

4. Pork patties with tomato salsa – Serves 4
Make a salsa by chopping four tomatoes, add one finely chopped red chilli and a splash of olive oil. Meanwhile add a teaspoon of dried oregano, salt, freshly ground black pepper and 2 cloves of finely chopped garlic to 450g of minced pork. Form into little patties. Fry in hot oil and serve in pita bread with the tomato salsa on top with a spoon of sour cream.

5. Quick Pasta with Salmon, Tomato and Oregano Sauce – Serves 4
Chop four tomatoes and fry in olive oil over gentle heat with one clove of chopped garlic and some chopped fresh oregano. When the tomatoes soften and melt into the oil, add a splash of cream and a drained tin of salmon. Heat through. Toss through 400g cooked penne.


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