Should you season a steak before you cook it?

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How you season a steak makes the difference between an average steak and an exceptional one.

At gréatfood, we season a steak generously with salt about 30 minutes before cooking it. We believe that salt is what makes the difference between an average steak and a great one (once you use good quality meat of course).

Californian chef Tyler Florence says that you shouldn’t season a steak with pepper before you cook it because the peppercorns will burn. Instead he suggests that you season the steak well on both sides with just salt, cook it to your preference and only season it with freshly ground pepper just before serving.

Should you oil the pan when you cook a steak?
We never cook our steak in an oiled pan. Oil burns at high heat and the steak will taste of burnt oil rather than seared meat. We heat the pan without oil so that we can barely hold a hand an inch above it, add the steak and leave it for at least 2-3 minutes before we try to lift it. If you do that, you don’t need to use oil as the steak will naturally seal itself. If you find that it sticks when you try to lift it it means that you have lifted it too early: leave it to cook for another minute before trying again. (If you turn the steak before it has sealed, it will stick and the particles of meat that attach to the pan will burn.)

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