Video: How to shoot food photography

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Watch this video with Lee Morris of Fstoppers.com and Chef Brett Mckee to learn about food photography and lighting food shots in a restaurant setting.

If you are an aspiring food blogger and/or food photographer, here are some more general resources that you may find useful:

Weeattogether.com – One of our favourite food photography websites. Husband and wife team Skyler and Heather Burt are not only remarkably generous in sharing their knowledge, but they make you want to literally lick the food off the computer screen.

Seriouseats.com offers a guide to food photography that is packed with tips on lighting, shutter speed, composition, styling, the equipment to buy, how to choose the right ISO, white balance and post-processing with handy diagrams showing where to position your camera and lights sources. The Serious Eats guide to food photography is here.

Plate to Pixel: Digital Food Photography & Styling by Helene Dujardin – One of the most detailed dedicated food photography books we have found and it may be the only book you need to buy. Her writings and images on tarteletteblog are a joy. The proof that she can take a good photo is quite literally in the pudding in this case.

CookieandKate.com – Kate is a self-taught food photographer form Oklahoma and she and her dog (Cookie) are obsessed with food: she shares her tips to make your food photos great, including what lenses to use, her favourite food books and where to buy food photo props.

Nicole S. Young wrote one of the first books on food photography for bloggers. Called ‘Food Photography: From Snapshots to Great Shots’, it is in its second print and well worth buying. You can read more of her writings and tips on food photography here. She photographs food for photographic libraries and also sells sell post-processing tools including presets, actions and textures, all useful for the food blogger who is time-poor and wants a quick result.



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