How to make Biltong at home

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If you are South African and living in Ireland, you probably miss Biltong, so we’ve curated the best instructions so you can make it at home (if you don’t already). If you haven’t tasted it before and would like to, we’ve found an Irish-made version too – see the details below.

How to make Biltong from scratch: We found this really clear description of how to make Biltong with good photography detailing each step from the Yuppie Chef.

Need to make a Biltong drying box at home? How to make real South African Biltong including an instructional drawing of how to make your very own Biltong box.

There are so many variations of ‘cures’ for Biltong: Stephan Gates makes his version of Biltong with Worcestershire sauce and red wine vinegar.

Where to find Biltong in Ireland: The nearest thing we have in the Irish artisan space to Biltong is prize-winning butcher James McGeough’s Air-dried Beef which you increasingly see appearing on fine dining menus. If you want to try some, you can buy it at Connemara Fine Foods online shop here.

We also found an Irish Biltong maker, Haynestown Meats making Biltong in Naas, County Kildare. They say it’s a sugar-free, high protein snack which is completely natural so it’s good for athletes. They’ve developed a chilli flavoured biltong too and they sell online.


Always be careful when making cured meats that you use the correct processes and drying environment and never give a home-made cured food to anyone vulnerable, pregnant, elderly or to children. 




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