How to clean and maintain an Aga cooker

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Tips to keep your Aga in tip-top condition.

– The cooker is rarely turned off so any food, grease and spillages dry out and get baked on very quickly. A golden rule is always to have a damp cloth to hand when cooking on an Aga to wipe up spillages immediately.

– When cleaning an Aga it is imperative that only approved cleaners are used. Using the wrong product can cause expensive damage to any enamel surface – always take the advice of your Aga dealer.

– Even if the enamel top plate (the black part on top of the cooker) has seen better days, as a last resort it can be removed and re-enamelled as can the front plate and doors.

– If you inherit an Aga, and it has become a bit grimy tackle the job in slow, easy-to-manage stages. If you can imagine the grease and dirt being built up in layers over several weeks or even months then it really is unrealistic to expect that you will get it back to its original splendour in an hour or two. The same principle applies to cleaning a somewhat neglected Aga. Soften the top layer with a little warm water and detergent and using a very soft plastic pot scrub or scourer remove whatever dirt and grease comes off relatively easily. Repeat this process consistently over a period of a couple of days or as time allows and eventually you will reveal the original surface.

The good news is that Agas are virtually indescructible and if you take the right care, you can usually bring it back to its original state.


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